Our History

For 42 years, we have been recognized for our consolidated scientific and humanistic tradition and for providing students a significant expansion of their repertoire and experiences in the areas of sciences, arts and languages. Our teaching enables students to join the most prestigious universities in Brazil and the European Union, and prepare them to become protagonists in this complex contemporary world.

The Torino Foundation was founded in Belo Horizonte in 1975, even before the inauguration of Fiat's first plant in Brazil. The intention was to provide the employees’ children the opportunity to study in an authentic Italian school.

In 1992, the Torino Foundation expanded its access from being exclusively Italian to Brazilian students as well, in order to meet demands from the Minas Gerais society, who recognized our school as being an institution of reference. The institution then became bicultural, through the inclusion of the Brazilian curriculum in addition to our Italian one. In the same year, Scuola Materna was created for children of up to five years of age.

By following the growth of our sponsor - the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, the Torino Foundation presently acts as an international school, capable of receiving not only Brazilian and Italian students, but of all nationalities as well.

Our Educational Model

The Torino Foundation is an international school, regulated by both Brazilian and Italian governments. We offer a multicultural education based on humanistic values and believe that knowledge is the fruit of a wide range of intellectual, emotional, physical and aesthetic experiences that develop our students' sensitivity and prepare them for the diversity found in the contemporary world.

Throughout the school day, our students are prepared for different challenges. Each training stage helps build knowledge acquired over the years whilst meeting national and international approval standards; all of which is relevant not only to school life but to providing full and consistent human development for each and every student.

Nosso espaço

Our Grounds

Our Team

To promote diversity and encourage all types of exchange, we value the plurality of knowledge as well as the unique baggage that each person accumulates along their journey. That is the reason behind our highly qualified teachers, with diverse backgrounds and relevant life experiences; a team which contributes to the cultural enrichment of our students. Our teachers not only boast best training practices, but also didactic-pedagogical experience in both Brazil and overseas. The combination of their academic knowledge, their experiences and the high capacity to create didactic experiences that go far beyond the classroom contribute to the creation of a dynamic and transformative transdisciplinary curriculum.


The Torino Foundation was born to be a piece of Italy in Brazil: the classrooms of children from Fiat Group Italian employees, ensures the continuity of their studies under European models.


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