An international curriculum opening up the doors to the world.

At the Torino Foundation, our didactic-pedagogical proposal follows the same guidelines and requirements of both the Brazilian and Italian Boards of Education. Therefore, our students are prepared to continue their studies both in Brazil and abroad, with the best of an international curriculum which places them within a privileged position in getting access to the best European universities as well as in countries such as the United States, Australia and Canada.

At the end of high school, graduating students receive, in addition to the Brazilian certification, an Italian diploma which allows them to enroll in universities belonging to European Union member countries, with the same rights as an Italian student. And since we are an international school, we adopt the boreal calendar, meaning: the school year begins in August and ends in June. Holidays take place in January and July, coinciding with Brazilian vacation periods. Students from Brazilian schools, from the 2nd year of Elementary School, go through the SIP - School Integration Process - carried out from February to June, depending on availability. In this period, new students are introduced to an immersion course in Italian and are prepared for the new school context.


Scuola Materna
from ages 2 to 5


Scuola Elementare
from ages 6 to 10


Scuola Media
from ages 11 to 14


Scuola Superiore
from ages 15 to 18

Vida escolar

School Years

Equivalent to Kindergarten for Early Child Education

Languages: Italian, Portuguese, English.
Time: 22.5 hours per week.

Experiences developed:

• The self, other and us
• Body, gestures and movements
• Traits, sounds, colors and forms
• Listening, speaking, thinking and imagination
• Space, time, quantities, relationships and transformations

Equivalent to the 1st year of elementary school

Languages: Italian, Portuguese, English.
Time: 32 hours per week.
Full Time: 1x per week.

Disciplines:Italian, Portuguese, English, History, Geography, Religious Education, Mathematics, Science, Art, Music, Physical Education, Programming.

Equivalent to 6th grade Elementary School

Languages: Italian, Portuguese, English and Spanish.
Time: 36 hours per week.
Full Time: 3x per week.

Disciplines:Italian, Portuguese, English, Spanish, Mathematics, Science, Technical Education, Computers/Programming, History, Geography, Art, Music, Physical Education, Religious Education.

Equivalent to 9th grade High School

Languages: Italian, Portuguese, English, Spanish, Latin.
Working hours: 40 hours per week.
Full Time: 5x per week.

Disciplines: Italian, Portuguese, English, Spanish, History, Geography, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Philosophy, Religious Education, Physical Education, Art.
(Liceo Scientifico)
(Liceo Scienze Umane) Human Sciences, Law and Political Economy, Computers/ Programming, Business Economics.

Travel through 5 European capitals

Exchange Program

Through agreements with schools in Italy (Pavia and Arezzo) the Torino Foundation promotes an exchange program in the 3rd year of the Scuola Superiore. During a six or twelve month period, the student is hosted by families from schools with which the Foundation has partnered with and then, upon returning to Brazil, host foreign students undergoing a similar process in our country.

In the 5th grade, students from Scuola Elementare have the opportunity to experience their first international trip with the Torino Foundation. The cultural trip to Italy includes visits to various cities such as Pompeii, the Vatican, Pisa, Florence, Venice and Urbino, a world heritage site, where they may stay for a few days at the Corte della Miniera Art Center. In this experience, students, accompanied by a team of educators, exchange knowledge and have the opportunity to live with other students from various countries. For most students it is the first independence experience, as well as a milestone in their lives. For many it is the first opportunity to travel without the company of parents, which favors the development of autonomy and responsibility. Upon returning, students are more mature and prepared for other challenges.
Already in I Superiore, a little older and with further knowledge in their baggage, our students embark on an experience which greater expands their horizons, by undertaking an educational trip through several European countries, besides Italy. For approximately 20 days, students take on a thorough immersion course in the history of the countries visited and have the chance to put into practice the different languages ​​studied at the School. In the company of our team of professionals, students experience what they learn in books, having experiences outside the classroom which make learning something more meaningful and impactful in their lives.

Exclusive projects

Our commitment to the training of our students goes beyond curricular activities.

In an integrated fashion in regards to the activity curriculum of each grade, the exclusive projects are realized outside regular school hours and further complement learning from the most important disciplines.

Thus, students have the opportunity to put their knowledge into practice and enhance their strongest competencies in initiatives with unique purposes and that add great value to their human development.

Extracurricular Activities

In order for our students to have a rich and plural learning experience, in addition to the regular curriculum, we offer a number of extracurricular activities for those who further wish or need to extend their time in school.

In classes taught by specialized teachers, Scuola Materna and Scuola Elementare students participate in didactic, playful and sports activities. This helps them learn from an early age how to reconcile their chores, manage their time, and create study methodologies that address all of their school commitments.


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